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 My 2 boys answers

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PostSubject: My 2 boys answers   Sat Mar 27, 2010 2:23 pm

How old are your kids? - two boys aged 4 and 2

What kind of outdoor space do you have? - medium sized back yard (typical 'large' suburban lot)
What do your kids play with outside? - Play structure (with swings, slide, and rock wall), sandbox, and we'd set up a water table on hot days. Last year we spent most of the summer building a deck so they played with dad's tools a lot ... they now think that his mallets are theirs to play with when playing outside.

Do you have any permanent structures (sandbox, swings, playhouse, etc)? - playstructure is really the only permanent thing.
Anything on your wish list (toys, fence, play structure, landscaping, etc)? - we want (need) to build a larger sandbox for the boys. Last year my older son played in the small plastic one we have but this year his little brother will want in on the action, and it's way too small for two of them plus their trucks and digging machines. Last summer we also built a raised bed garden that is still without soil. I need to get a load delivered before planting season starts so we can grow our veggie garden.
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My 2 boys answers
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